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Poll Worker Application

  1. Phone*
  2. Are you employed?*
  3. If yes,
  4. Are you able to get the necessary time off?
  5. Are you a registered voter in Camden County?*
  6. Have you ever been a poll worker?*
  7. Are you able to work at any precinct in the county?*
  8. Do you understand you will have to work at least a 14-hour day, on a Tuesday?*
  9. What Election positions are you interested in working?
  10. Election Day Worker (Tuesday)
  11. Advance Voting Worker (Monday-Friday)
  12. Early Voting Worker (Saturday)
  13. By typing your name below and submitting this online form you are stating, “I am at least 16 years of age, able to read, write and speak the English language. I do not hold a public office, nor am I related to a candidate whose name will appear on the ballot. I am a United States citizen.”
  14. Please note that contact information provided to a government agency may be subject to public release as required by Georgia’s Open Records Law.
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