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Open Records Request Online Submittal Form

  1. This form is ONLY for records under the Camden County Board of Commissioners offices:  Administration, Finance & Budget, Human Resources, Planning & Development, Public Protection & Compliance, Public Works, and Solid Waste.

    If you are looking for information pertaining to criminal proceedings, background checks, traffic citations, divorces or marriage licenses YOU MUST CONTACT THAT OFFICE DIRECTLY to obtain this information.

  2. The Camden County Board of Commissioners is committed to conducting county business in a manner that complies with all legal requirements, fosters citizen confidence in county government, and promotes efficient and effective governmental operations.  The county recognizes the importance of communicating information to citizens and other interested parties and will cooperate in supplying requested information which is considered a matter of public record.

    The Georgia Open Records Act establishes the right to inspect and/or receive public records, excluding those records that are specifically exempted by court order or law.  To inspect and/or receive records, please complete the online form below to submit an open records request.  Please be as specific as possible.

    The Office of the County Clerk will respond to this request within three (3) business days to notify you if there are records responsive to your request and if the records requested are subject to release.  Should you not receive a response within three (3) days notifying that the request was received please contact the Office of the County Clerk immediately at (912) 576-5651 to ensure delivery.

    Responses shall include the cost to search, retrieve, copy, redact, and/or supervise inspection of the requested document(s). The cost represents the hourly rate of the lowest paid full-time employee who has the necessary skills and training to respond to your request.  There is no charge for the first 15 minutes.  The fee for letter or legal size copies is $0.10 per page.  Other types of documents or electronic media are charged based upon the county’s expense to reproduce the record.  Where fees for certain records are otherwise prescribed by law, such specific fees shall apply.  Payment is required upon receipt of the records. 

    Some records are not readily accessible.  In these instances, a timeline will be provided as to when the records will be available.

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    Please check the box that best describes your record request. If your record does not fit into one of the categories below, please review the information above and contact the correct office or court.

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