What is TNVR?

TNVR is Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return.

TNVR is the most effective, and humane, method of controlling feral cat population growth. TNVR should not be used to create cat colonies but should instead be used as cat colony prevention, reducing overall numbers over time.

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1. What’s the plan for cats? Is there a plan in place for cats?
2. What is TNVR?
3. How can I participate in Camden County's TNVR Program?
4. I don’t want stray cats, why are you returning them to my area?
5. What is currently being done with the funds the humane society used to receive?
6. Once a dog or cat is picked up by Animal Control, where is it taken?
7. Are cats, as well as dogs, required to be vaccinated against rabies?