Are the products that you use safe?

The products we use are registered and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These products have undergone extensive testing to ensure that when they are applied in a manner consistent with the label that they will not have any significant adverse effects on human health or the environment. For more information see the Larvicide and Adulticide pages on our website.

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1. Who is providing Mosquito Control to Camden County?
2. Do you have a set schedule for spraying mosquitoes? Can you call me before you spray?
3. How can I request to not be sprayed?
4. Are the products that you use safe?
5. Is there anything I can do to help with mosquito control?
6. Do you provide public education about mosquitoes?
7. How does the service request work?
8. How many phone calls do you need to spray in my area?
9. How many types of mosquitoes are there?
10. Do all mosquitoes bite?
11. Can bites from mosquitoes make me sick?
12. Where are all the mosquitoes coming from?