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Camden County Board of Commissioners
Government Services Building, (Courthouse Square)
200 East 4thStreet, 2nd Floor, Room 252,
Commissioners’ Meeting Chambers
Woodbine, Georgia

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Convene Public Hearing at 5:30 PM

  • Amend the Official Code of Camden County, Chapter 14, Animal Control Ordinance (Presented by County Attorney Brent Green)

Convene Public Hearing at 5:45 PM

  • Amend the Official Code of Camden County, Chapter 6, Article II, Section 6-20, Alcohol Ordinance (Presented by County Attorney Brent Green)

Convene Regular Meeting at 6:00 PM

Opening Ceremonies

  • Invocation – Solid Waste Director Lannie Brant
  • Pledge

Roll Call

Agenda Amendments

Adoption of Agenda

Approval of Minutes

  •  pdf.gif October 19, 2010 Regular Meeting minutes




  • Citizen’s Academy Graduation (Presented by Julie Swick)

  • Recognize the winners of the 2010 Joint Health & Safety Fair Art Contest (Presented by Staci Bowick)

  • Altamaha Technical College Update (Presented by David Keating, JDA Executive Director and Lorette Hoover, President ATC

Public Comments

Regular Agenda

Administration – County Administrator Steve Howard

1.        pdf.gif Selection of Firm to design Kingsland By-Pass Project, Phase II.

2.        pdf.gif Consideration of new Retirement sponsor and Retirement Committee Policy. (Presented by Steve Howard / Lannie Brant)

3.        pdf.gif Consideration of Approval of Chair to execute Tax Release Applications.

4.        pdf.gif Consideration of relief regarding Ad Valorem Taxes. (Presented by Adam Kabasakalian)

Office of the County Attorney - Brent Green

5.        pdf.gif First Reading of amendments to the Official Code of Camden County, Chapter 14, Animal Control Ordinance.

6.        pdf.gif First Reading of amendments to the Official Code of Camden County, Chapter 6, Article II, Section 6-20, Alcohol Ordinance.

Public Safety – Chief Dennis Gailey

7.        pdf.gif Intergovernmental Fire Protection Agreement Extraterritorial between Camden County and the City of Kingsland.

Finance & Budget – Mike Fender

8.         pdf.gif Surplus Items List

9.        pdf.gif Budget Amendment Fiscal Year 2011.


Convene Public Hearing

  •  Introduction of Regular Agenda Item 10 - 12 presented by Planning & Development Director John Peterson and receive public comments regarding these items.

Adjourn Public Hearing

Reconvene Regular Meeting

Planning & Development – John Peterson

10.      pdf.gif Consideration of request by Howard H. Davis, III (#FLU2010-1) for a Future Land Use Map Amendment from Commercial to Industrial. The Future Land Use Map amendment is for a 2.6 acre portion of Map #095, Parcel #023C that fronts on Scrubby Bluff Road at 101 Scrubby Bluff Road, Kingsland, GA.

11.      pdf.gif Consideration of request by Davis and Son (#RZ2010-6) for a rezoning of 2.69 acres from Commercial General (C-G) to Restricted Industrial (I-R) to allow existing sales, service and new muffler sales and installation businesses to conform with zoning. Rezoning is to be a portion of Map #095, Parcel #023C at 103 Scrubby Bluff Road, Kingsland, GA.

12.      pdf.gif Request by Harriett’s Bluff Wine and Spirits "Tasting Room" for Alcohol Beverage License for retail consumption dealer of malt beverages, beer and wine only. 

Public Works – Scott Brazell

13.      pdf.gif Approval of Georgia Department of Transportation ( GDOT ) Memorandum of Agreement for Horse Stamp Church Road Interchange and Authorize Chair to execute Work Authorization with Moreland Altobelli for same.


Additional Public Comments

Adjourn BOC Meeting

Please be advised that this agenda is subject to amendments.  Please contact the Office of the County Clerk at (912) 576-5651 before 5:00 PM the day of the scheduled meeting to obtain such amendments.