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Camden County Board of Commissioners


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

County Annex Building, Conference Room

107 North Gross Road

Kingsland, Georgia



Convene Work Session at 5:00 PM


Adjourn Work Session


Convene Work Session at 5:45 PM


Adjourn Work Session



Convene Regular Meeting at 6:00 PM


Opening Ceremonies

  • Invocation
  • Pledge


Roll Call


Agenda Amendments


Adoption of Agenda


Approval of Minutes






Public Comments



Consent Agenda


1.         pdf Approve and authorize the execution of Tax Release Applications.


2.         pdf Adopt Resolutions to amend the 2008 – 2009 Fiscal Budget Resolution for the Office of Probate Court, Clerk of Superior Court, EMA and Forestry, and the Fire Department.


3.         pdf Re-appoint Craig Root to the Coastal Area District Development Authority Board of Directors.


Regular Agenda


Administration – Steve Howard


4.         pdf Land Resource Companies (Bridge Point at Jekyll Sound).


County Clerk – Jodi Gregory


5.         pdf Nominations to the Sex Education Instructional Materials Review Committee.


6.         pdf Clarification of the October 21, 2008 regular meeting agenda.


7.         pdf Clarification regarding the October 21, 2008, regular meeting agenda Item # 10, R-009-08 P & A Engineering, Inc., agent for W.H. Gross Construction to amend the existing Planned Development (PD) at Maiden Creek Landing, Phase 3-A, Lots 6 – 39. (District 1 – Chairman Rhodes)  Changes are requested to be made by Camden County to delete Camden County as water/sewer provider; amended to state that private water/sewer to be secured by developer.


8.         pdf Second reading and adoption of a Records Management Ordinance.


Strategic Planning  – Adam Kabasakalian


9.         pdf Tax dispute recommendation for John D. Simmons (aka Camden Land LLC) on map/parcel numbers S05 04 006, S05 04 007A, and S05 04 007.


10.       pdf Tax dispute recommendation for Edith Jones and Wordie Hubbard on map/parcel number 35 098.


Planning and Development – Loretta Riggins-Hylton


11.       pdf Second reading and adoption of a resolution to adopt policies and procedures for calling and conducting hearings on proposed zoning decisions as part of the Unified Development Code of Camden County, Georgia.


12.       pdf Second reading and adoption of a resolution to adopt standards governing the exercise of the zoning power as part of the Unified Development Code of Camden County, Georgia.


13.       pdf Second reading and adoption of an ordinance to delete the Zoning Ordinance, the Subdivision Regulations, the Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Ordinance, and other ordinances and regulations or parts thereof and adopt the Unified Development Code of Camden County Georgia, in lieu thereof; including the Official Zoning Map, the Procedures for Call and Holding a Public Hearing, and the Standards for Exercising of the Zoning Power contained therein.


14.       pdf #S-008-08 – Re-plat/Final – P & A Engineering, Inc., Agent for W. H. Gross Construction Maiden Creek Landing – Phase 3-C  (District 1 – Chairman Rhodes) 

15.       pdf #R-012-08 – Application for Comprehensive Plan Amendment (Rezoning) from A-R, Agricultural Residential to PD, Planned Development Tidewater Plantations, Inc. (District 1 – Chairman Rhodes)


Public Safety – Fire Chief Dennis Gailey


16.       pdf Fire Equipment Lease Purchase (SCBA).


17.       pdf Approve Principal Decision Systems International as the most responsive bidder for the Camden County Fire Rescue Staffing Software 




Additional Public Comments


Adjourn BOC Meeting