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Camden County Board of Commissioners


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

County Annex Building, Conference Room

107 North Gross Road

Kingsland, Georgia



Convene Work Session at 5:30 PM

  • Advantex Treatment Systems, Coastal Carolina Wastewater Solutions, LLC, and Tidewater Engineering, Inc.


Adjourn Work Session



Convene Regular Meeting at 6:00 PM


Opening Ceremonies

  • Invocation
  • Pledge


Roll Call


Adjourn Regular Meeting


Convene Work Session

  • Millage Rate


Adjourn Work Session


Reconvene Regular Meeting


Agenda Amendments


Adoption of Agenda


Approval of Minutes


pdf July 22, 2008, Public Hearing on Amending Appendix B, Zoning Ordinance of the Official Code of Camden County, Section 501.B to add Item 6, Pole Barn/Shed, for storage of equipment to maintain property.


pdf July 22, 2008, Regular Meeting.



Status of Master Plan and Water/Wastewater Initiatives in Camden County’s north end, by Diane Sapp, Woodrow Sapp Utilities.


pdf Proclamation recognizing Camden County Fire Fighter Appreciation Week.


Status of Camden County Road Projects, by Public Works Director Scott Brazell.


Public Comments


Consent Agenda


pdf.gif1.          Approve and authorize the execution of the Tax Release Applications.


Regular Agenda


Capital Improvements – Harvey Amerso


pdf.gif2.           Woodbine Community Center Bid Award.


Public Safety  – Fire Chief Dennis Gailey


pdf.gif3.           First reading of an ordinance to amend the Official Code of Camden County, Georgia, by adding Chapter 27, Sections 1 – 35 Camden County Fire Rescue Fire Prevention & Services Ordinance.


Support Services  – Staci Bowick

pdf.gif  Information Technology 5 year Strategic Plan, by Rajan Jindal with Axiom Corp.



Executive Session – Personnel and Real Estate



pdf Calendar – August/September 
     County Administrator’s Report


Additional Public Comments


Adjourn BOC Meeting