Camden County Projects

Unincorporated Camden County Projects

Renovations, construction, extensions, and improvements of areas including, but not limited to:

Estimated Costs
Camden County Government Buildings and Offices;$2,931,000
Camden County roads, streets, bridges, and drainage projects to include but not limited to paving and re-surfacing;$4,155,000
Upgrading and purchasing of County equipment, vehicles, and technology.$5,440,599

After deducting the Level Two (county-wide) project funding ($10,250,000.00), Camden County shall receive 28.99% of the net proceeds up to the first $47,000,000.00; estimated amount of $10,653,939.00. Once the initial $47,000,000.00 has been reached, Camden County shall receive $2,100,000.00 for the construction of the Public Safety Complex – E911 / EMA, before any other distributions are made to any municipalities. Thereafter, Camden County shall receive 31.74% of the next $5,900,000.00; estimated amount of $1,872,660.00.