National Storm Surge Hazard Maps

The National Storm Surge Hazard Maps are from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Weather Service (NWS).  This is not a real-time product. For active tropical cyclones, please visit the National Hurricane Center (NHC) and consult local products issued by the National Weather Service

The SLOSH (Sea, Lake, and Overland Surges from Hurricanes) model is a numerical model used by NWS to compute storm surge. Storm surge is defined as the abnormal rise of water generated by a storm, over and above the predicted astronomical tides. Flooding from storm surge depends on many factors, such as the track, intensity, size, and forward speed of the hurricane and the characteristics of the coastline where it comes ashore or passes nearby. For planning purposes, the NHC uses a representative sample of hypothetical storms to estimate the near worst–case scenario of flooding for each hurricane category.