Pre-Warrant Application

The issuance of a criminal warrant is a serious matter.  The Court does not take lightly the arrest and incarceration of an individual.  The Constitutions of both the United States and Georgia require that the Court have probable cause that the accused committed a crime in order to issue an arrest warrant.  Arrest warrants are not issued to "teach someone a lesson" or to "keep someone away from me." Arrest warrants are issued because someone has committed a criminal act that justifies arrest and incarceration.

Please read carefully and after you complete the form below and before you give testimony, the clerk will collect a $20.00 fee to file your application.  This fee is state-mandated.  There is no additional fee is a warrant is issued.  There is no refund if a warrant is not issued.  No fees are charged in connection with hearings on family violence offenses or child abandonment cases.

Print and complete form (PDF).