Fire & Life Safety Self-Inspection Program

All commercial and industrial occupancies within Camden County are divided into high, medium, and low-risk categories. These gauge the potential for an emergency incident to occur, including any event that may cause panic or injury to the occupants.  

In order to more efficiently maintain compliance within these properties, the Camden County Fire Marshal’s Office has instituted the Self-Inspection Program for all pre-designated low-risk occupancies. This program involves the business owner or manager completing a self-inspection checklist and submitting it to the Fire Marshal’s Office. The items checked include the main causes of fire and/or injury in several areas and correlates with the main areas a fire inspector would focus on. This program will benefit the businesses by educating their employees on safety issues while limiting the interruptions a formal fire inspection could cause a small business.

If you have been advised your business is eligible to participate in this program, please click on the link below to access the Self-Inspection Checklist. If you would like your business to be considered, please contact the Fire Marshal's Office.

Fire & Life Safety Self-Inspection Form (PDF)

For questions concerning any fire inspections please contact the Fire Rescue Headquarters at 912-729-3911.