Borrow an AED Program

What is the Borrow an AED Program?

The Borrow an AED program intention is to have Automated External Defibrillator (AED) devices at events where they can be utilized by the public while emergency services are on the way. The AEDs are economical, self contained, low maintenance, and are extremely reliable. These attributes make it easy to offer this program to the community as an additional service for our citizens and visitors. 

Camden County Fire Rescue implemented this program in 2011 in partnership with the AED Alliance and it received funding through a grant from Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation. This program is a result of the inspiration from a local tragedy in May of 2009 where an AED at a youth sporting event could have made a difference in his survival. 

This program is a free service to the citizens of Camden County. To learn more about the national campaign and program, visit the National Borrow An AED website.

How to Borrow An AED

Call Fire Rescue Headquarters at 912-729-3911 for more information.