Services Included

Camden County Residential Solid Waste Collection service includes the collection of solid waste, recyclables, and bulky items. This is accomplished through our contractor, Meridian Waste.


  • A 95 gallon can is delivered to each residence.
  • Up to 2 garbage cans (32 gallon maximum) may also be placed next to each cart at no additional charge (additional can(s) provided by the resident).
  • The following MUST NOT be mixed with household garbage: Yard Waste; Construction debris; Batteries; Paint; Scrap Metal; Dead Animals; Concrete; Ashes; Shingles; Tires; Oil; Bricks; Dirt; Gas Tanks; or any other hazardous waste item deemed unacceptable by the E.P.D. or Camden County.
  • One 18 gallon recycling bin is provided for all recyclables, no other container will be collected.   Meridian Waste will collect the following recyclables: Plastic 1 & 2; Glass bottles & Jars (emptied, rinsed and lids removed); Brown bags; Metal Cans (crushed); Aluminum cans (crushed); Newspaper & Inserts; Phone Books; Corrugated cardboard (flattened & cut in 2' by 3' pieces for placement under the recycle bin). 
    • The following items will not be picked up: pizza boxes; plastic bags; butter tubs; juice and milk cardboard cartons; egg cartons; styrofoam; magazines; catalogs; pool or other chemical containers.
  • *Appliances known as white-goods will be picked up upon request. You must call the Curbside Office to schedule the pick up.  White goods include refrigerators, freezers, stoves, dryers, and water heaters.
  • *Bulky Waste items are non-hazardous household objects too large to fit within the trash cart. The following furniture will be accepted, mattresses, and other large items will be picked up upon request. You must call the Curbside Office to schedule the pick up.
  • Limit 3 Bulk/White items per week will be collected at no charge. 
  • Residential yard debris can be brought to the C&D Industrial Waste Site (landfill) or the Old Still Yard Waste site at no additional cost

              * weight limit for White goods and Bulk items

Missed Pick-Ups

Please call 912-510-6881 to report a missed pick up within 24 hours.

Reporting Vacancies

If your property is vacant please notify the office at 912-510-6881.

Stolen Carts

Stolen carts must first be reported to the Camden County Sheriffs Office at 912-510-5100. A case number will be assigned and you can then call the Curbside Collection Office, to request a replacement at no extra charge. If you do not report it stolen and do not call with a case number you will then be charged a $60.00 cart replacement fee.