Fire and Life Safety Inspections

The inspection process is a very critical part of fire prevention that the fire rescue department utilizes to reduce the risk associated with fire and life safety. Through inspections the Fire Marshal's Office can encourage compliance of regulations during all phases of construction and occupancy.

The process begins by:

  • Plans are initially brought to the Camden County Planning and Development Department for review
  • During weekly meetings, several departments review the plans and either approve, deny, or request changes to the submitted plans
  • Contractors are then required to keep a set of approved plans on the building site during construction

Pre-construction meetings are recommended to allow for developers and county staff an opportunity to discuss all aspects of the development in order to minimize delays and corrections. These meetings can be scheduled through the Planning and Development Department at 912-729-5603.

A building and fire and life safety inspection is required on all new construction prior to occupancy. All 80% and 100% completion inspections must be scheduled prior to reaching the respective completion points. Based on the occupancy classification of existing buildings, annual or semi-annual inspections may be required to maintain compliance. These inspections must also be scheduled through the Office of the Fire Marshal.