Prevention & Education Division

Sparky the Fire Dog

Sparky the Fire Dog standing in front of an ambulance

Camden County Fire Rescue uses Sparky the Fire Dog to teach fire safety to young Camden County residents. Sparky the Fire Dog® was created in 1951 as the official mascot of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Sparky’s mission is to educate children, their parents and educators on fire prevention and public safety. 

Sparky says...” If the smoke alarm sounds, get outside and stay outside!”

Learn more about Sparky from his website,

Office of the Fire Marshal

The Camden County Fire Marshal's Office is responsible for the operations of the Prevention Division. The Fire Marshal is appointed by the fire chief as the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) in matters concerning fire and life safety inspections, education, and investigations for all of unincorporated Camden County and the City of Woodbine.

The Fire Marshal's Office has 4 major responsibilities:

  • Conduct fire and life safety inspections of existing buildings and structures
  • Review plans and specifications for proposed buildings and structures, issue joint building permits with the Camden County Planning and Building Department
  • Conduct origin and cause investigations into all fires and assist with the prosecution of criminal acts involving fire
  • Present fire and life safety education programs to all citizens of Camden County and surrounding areas

To contact the Fire Marshal's Office please call 912-729-3911.