Going Ashore

Storing Your Boat Ashore

A study by MIT after Hurricane Gloria found that boats stored ashore were far less likely to sustain damage than those anchored in water. The same study found that boats tipped off their jack stands during a storm surge still suffered less damage than their waterborne counterparts.

Boats stored ashore should be well above the anticipated storm surge levels. This can be difficult because most marinas and yards are at or near existing water levels.

Hauling Your Boat

If you haul your boat, make sure the boat has extra jack stands, add a layer of plywood between the jack stand pad and hull to distribute the weight, then chain the stands together.

Some smaller sailboats can be laid on their sides to eliminate the risk of being blown or floated off their stands.

If your plan on moving a trailerable boat out of the hurricane area, get out early. Be sure to inspect your trailer for defects and get them fixed before the start of hurricane season.