Animal Control Ordinance

Leash Law

In the Camden County Codes and Ordinances Sec. 14-10, General Care and Feeding, state:

(a) Animals within Camden County shall be adequately confined by a fence, leash, or other appropriate measure, to the premises of the owner or custodian at all times, which confinement shall be clean and provide adequate and safe food, water, shade, exercise space and protection from the weather. The animal shall not be permitted to leave those premises unless leashed and accompanied by the owner or custodian and shall not be permitted to run loose on the property of others or on public streets, alleys, beaches, parks, picnic areas, recreation areas, and/or public sites at any time. This section shall not apply to those animals actively engaged in animal shows, exhibitions or field trials, or while hunting or training during hunting season as prescribed by the game and fish division of the state department of natural resources. 

(b) Maintenance of areas. It shall be the duty of the property owner to maintain in a reasonably clean and sanitary condition, and free from extreme and unreasonably objectionable odor, all structures, pens, yards, and areas adjacent thereto, wherein any animal is kept.

Ordinance Sec. 14-10 (PDF)