Resources for Dogs

Many dogs are found in the neighborhood they live in, and they have the best chance of getting back home if they are retained in their neighborhood. Animal Control is very scary for dogs and often a perfectly friendly dog can be mistaken for aggressive due to the circumstances. 

If you own a dog that needs a new home, the first option should be to alter and rehome, as there is limited room at local rescues.

Before Contacting Animal Control

  1. Safely check for a collar or identification tags; if a number is listed, call to let the person know about their dog.
  2. Take to a veterinarian to check for a chip; if chipped, call the number on file for the owner.
  3. Take a photo and write down a description (location and date found, coloring, gender, size, if altered, distinguishable markings, etc.) to network on social media. Facebook and Nextdoor are great options for posting found dogs. 
  4. File a Found Dog Report with Camden County Animal Control in case the owner calls them. The Found Dog Report is available online or below. Filing this report with Camden County Animal Control will further amplify the reach to locate the found dog's family, potential adopters, or fosters. 
  5. You can also use the details above to hang "Found Dog Posters" in case the owner is out looking for their dog in the neighborhood.
  6. Walk or drive door to door with the dog (if friendly) and ask your neighbors if they are missing a dog or know who may own the dog.
  7. If you're able to safely contain the dog away from your personal pets, please consider holding the dog until the owner can be found.
  8. If you've done all of the above and have had the dog for an extended amount of time, you are welcome to rehome the dog or schedule an intake appointment with a local rescue:
    1. Humane Society of Camden County - 912-729-7141 
    2. Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia - 912-264-6246
    3. Glynn County Animal Control Services - 912-554-7500
    4. Nassau County Animal Services - 904-530-6150
    5. Nassau Humane Society - 904-321-1647
    6. Castaways Pet Rescue - 912-270-0119

If you ever find a dog that is aggressive, severely sick/injured, or in immediate danger, contact Animal Control at 912-576-7395.

Found Dog Report

  1. Camden County Animal Control
  2. Is the dog wearing a collar? *
  3. Does the dog have a tag or other identification information?
  4. Have you contacted the owner listed on the tag?
  5. Has the dog been scanned for a microchip?*
  6. If a microchip was found, were you able to contact the owner?
  7. Does the dog appear to be sick or injured? *
  8. Is the dog friendly? *
  9. Are you able to provide care for the dog until the owner is found or other arrangements can be made? *
  10. Did you relocate the dog? *
  11. Contact Information

  12. Warning Alert Sign

    Please note: Camden County Animal Control will NOT pick-up dogs for at least 48 hours. 

    The majority of dogs are found in the neighborhood they live in, and they have the best chance of getting back home if they are retained in their neighborhood.

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