Georgia law requires that all vehicle owners carry proof of current Georgia liability insurance.

Social Security & Drivers License Numbers

The vehicle owner(s) social security number or driver(s) license number may be required when registering a vehicle.

Social security numbers serve as a means of owner identification and provide cross-indexing and grouping of registration records. All social security numbers carried on vehicle registration records are protected by state law as confidential information.

Birth Date

The vehicle owner / lessee date of birth is required when registering a vehicle. Upon initial registration the owner's birthday is recorded to establish the next registration renewal period and expiration date of the vehicle license plate. If a vehicle is owned by 2 or more persons, the birthday of the owner whose name appears first on the certificate of title is required.

Vehicles owned by a business are not required to record a date of birth. The expiration date will be established according to the first letter of the business name. Be sure to check the box on the renewal form that indicates a business registration.