The registration renewal will list ad valorem taxes and tag fees due on your vehicle. You are required to complete certain information and affix your signature to receive a tag or renewal decal.

The registration bills are mailed out 45 days prior to the vehicle owner's birthday (expiration date). Registrations can only be accepted during the 30-day period preceding and ending on the vehicle owner's birthday.

Registration by Mail

We encourage registrations by mail to save time and money. When mailing your registration payment, please allow 10 days for processing and return of your tag or renewal decal.

Registration payments must be postmarked no later than your birthday to avoid penalties. Late penalties are 10% of the ad valorem tax, plus 25% of the tag fee.

Completing the Registration

Registrations will be delayed, and even considered late, if you do not include one of the following:

  • Vehicle body color
  • Date of birth
  • Social security number
  • Name of insurance company
  • Policy number
  • Signature
  • Other requested information

Bill Not Received

Not receiving a registration bill does not relieve the registrant / taxpayer from the obligation to register and pay taxes during their birthday registration period.

If an annual registration bill is not received, please call 912-576-3248 to request a duplicate bill.