Vector Disease Control International (VDCI)

More Information about Camden County's Contract with VDCI

VDCI is the largest mosquito control contractor in the country. As part of the pre-bid evaluation for VDCI they performed specific trapping and testing in our county to understand our needs. The program that VDCI has proposed is designed to utilize scientific and environmentally sound techniques of mosquito control.  

  • VDCI will be providing the following services as per our contract.
  • Larval Mosquito Surveillance – Weekly. 
  • Monitoring rain gauges multiple times a week. 
  • Adult Mosquito Surveillance with the use of 4 different types of traps weekly and monthly.
  • Landing rate locations visited multiple times a week. 
  • Maintenance of Gambusia Minnows for biological use in difficult breeding areas. 
  • Bacterial and insect growth regulating treatments by truck and back pack sprayers. 
  • Adult Mosquito treatments as we have had traditionally. 
  • Public education support to include printed material and 5+ presentations to our civic associations or schools. 
  • Disease and Species testing and identification.
  • Barrier treatments for special events for festivals or large gatherings. 
  • Resistance and efficacy testing. 
  • The use of specialized equipment if the need arises such as a tunnel Rat for culverts and catch basins or All Terrain Vehicle for off road and woodland habitats. 
  • Arial applications can be provided if the county needs it. 

VDCI Logo - Should be on Mosquito Control Vehicles

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