2020 Photo Contest

Thirty-six entries from fourteen applicants were submitted in the following categories: Landscapes, Nature/Wildlife, Sunrise/Sunset, and Transportation. Through a blind judging process a photograph was chosen from each category, and an overall winner was selected.

Framed images of the 2020 Photo Contest Winners

From Left: Landscape-Joanie Branistareanu; Nature/Wildlife-Colleen Weinkle; Sunrise/Sunset-Michaela Guy; Transportation-Jeff Berg; Overall-Colleen Weinkle

Recognized this year by category are: Landscapes: Joanie Branistareanu’s photo of the Downtown St. Marys fountain; Nature/Wildlife: Colleen Weinkle’s photo of the wild Cumberland Island horses; Sunrise/Sunset: Michaela Guy’s photo of the sunrise at Gateway property in St. Marys; Transportation: Jeff Berg’s photo of the Cumberland Lady. The overall winner was Colleen Weinkle’s photo of the sunset at Sea Camp. All winners were formally honored at the Board of Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, January 12, 2021.