Candidate Qualifying

Candidate Qualifying

The requirements for qualifying for and holding a public office are contained in the Constitution of the State of Georgia, the Official Code of Georgia, Annotated, and in the Georgia Laws. The location of the particular law containing the qualifications for the office sought depends on the office. Qualifications for most state offices, including the Constitutional Officers, Members of the General Assembly, and State Judicial Offices are contained in the State Constitution.

Qualifications for county and municipal offices are generally established through local legislation contained in the Georgia Laws. You will need to refer to the law relating to the particular office you are seeking to determine the qualifications for holding the office.

For more information, please visit the Georgia Government Transparency & Campaign Finance Commission.

What is Qualifying?

Qualifying is the official process of having one’s name on the ballot. No candidate can officially have their name on the ballot unless he or she fills out the necessary paperwork to qualify for a particular race.

Visit the Forms for Candidates and Elected Officials page to find the qualifying forms and affidavits. 

Georgia Secretary of State’s Office

Through the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office Elections Division website, the following information is available:

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