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 Note: This part I is a compilation of local legislation enacted by the Georgia General Assembly which was deemed advisable to print. Enacting language has been deleted from each act included herein. For the purposes of indexing and ease of reference, section numbers have been arbitrarily assigned to the provisions of this part.

Article I. Administration
Sec. 101.         Created
Sec. 102.         District boundaries
Sec. 103.         Qualifications; terms
Sec. 104.         Meetings
Sec. 105.         Jurisdiction of board; compensation
Sec. 106.         County administrator
Sec. 107.         County attorney
Sec. 108.         Salary in lieu of fees
Sec. 109--200.  Reserved

Article II. Courts
Division 1. Magistrate Court
Sec. 201.         Election
Sec. 202.         Term
Sec. 203.         Primary election
Sec. 204.         General election
Sec. 205.         Placement of names on ballot
Sec. 206.         Authority
Secs. 207--230.  Reserved

Division 2. Small Claims Court
Sec. 231.         Created, established
Sec. 232.         Qualifications of judge, officers
Sec. 233.         Absences, vacancies in office of judge
Sec. 234.         Appointment of clerk authorized
Sec. 235.         Judge's remuneration
Sec. 236.         Commencement of actions
Sec. 237.         Docket
Sec. 238.         Deposit
Sec. 239.         Trials
Sec. 240.         Statement of set off
Sec. 241.         Satisfaction of judgment
Sec. 242.         Collection of deferred payments
Sec. 243.         Procedural rules authorized
Sec. 244.         Bailiffs
Sec. 245.         Lien
Sec. 246.         Appeals
Sec. 247.         Statement of claims verification form
Sec. 248.         Terms of judges
Sec. 249.         Office facilities, courtroom
Sec. 250.         Court terms
Sec. 251.         Summons of garnishment
Sec. 252.         Fines
Sec. 253.         Fees
Sec. 254.         Status of pending actions
Secs. 255--270.  Reserved

Division 3. Probate Court
Sec. 271.         Authority
Sec. 272.         Specific powers
Sec. 273.         Forfeit of bonds
Sec. 274.         Appeal
Sec. 275.         Payment of fines, forfeitures, fees, costs
Sec. 276.         Solicitor
Sec. 277.         Terms of court
Sec. 278.         Contributions to state funds
Sec. 279.         Effective date
Secs. 280--290.  Reserved

Division 4. Probate Court Judge
Sec. 291.         Election
Sec. 292.         Term
Sec. 293.         Primary election
Sec. 294.         General election
Sec. 295.         Placement of names on ballot
Sec. 296.         Authority
Secs. 297--300.  Reserved

Article III. Industrial Development Authority
Sec. 301.         Camden County Industrial Authority
Sec. 302.         Definitions
Sec. 303.         Powers
Sec. 304.         Financing projects
Sec. 305.         Revenue bonds; form; denominations; registration; place of payment
Sec. 306.         Same; signatures; seal
Sec. 307.         Same; negotiability; exemption from taxation
Sec. 308.         Same; sale; price
Sec. 309.         Same; proceeds of bonds
Sec. 310.         Same; interim receipts and certificates or temporary bonds
Sec. 311.         Same; replacement of lost or mutilated bonds
Sec. 312.         Same; conditions precedent to issuance; object of issuance
Sec. 313.         Same; credit not pledged
Sec. 314.         Same; trust indenture as security
Sec. 315.         Same; to whom proceeds of bonds shall be paid
Sec. 316.         Same; sinking fund
Sec. 317.         Same; remedies of bondholders
Sec. 318.         Same; refunding bonds
Sec. 319.         Same; venue and jurisdiction
Sec. 320.         Same; validation
Sec. 321.         Same; interest of bondholders protected
Sec. 322.         Moneys received considered trust funds
Sec. 323.         Purpose of the authority
Sec. 324.         Rates, charges, and revenues; use
Sec. 325.         Tax-exempt status of authority
Sec. 326.         Rules and regulations for operation of projects
Sec. 327.         Powers declared supplemental and additional
Sec. 328.         Liberal construction of act
Sec. 329.         Effect of partial validity of act
Sec. 330.         Effect on existing powers
Secs. 331--400.  Reserved

Article IV. Public Service Authority
Sec. 401.         Camden County Public Service Authority
Sec. 402.         Powers
Sec. 403.         Fiscal year
Sec. 404.         Budget
Sec. 405.         Annual audit
Sec. 406.         Monies received and considered trust funds
Sec. 407.         Revenue bond
Sec. 408.         Rules and regulations for operation of projects and services
Sec. 409.         Powers declared supplemental and additional
Sec. 410.         Liberal construction of act
Sec. 411.         Effect of partial invalidity of act
Sec. 412.         Repeal
Secs. 413--500.  Reserved

Article V. Taxation
Division 1. Business and Occupational License Taxes
Sec. 501.         Authorized
Sec. 502.         Exempt businesses
Sec. 503.         Classification of businesses
Sec. 504.         Enactment of ordinances authorized
Sec. 505.         Church festivals
Secs. 506--550.  Reserved

Division 2. Tax Commissioner
Sec. 551.         Office created
Sec. 552.         Term
Sec. 553.         Salary
Sec. 554.         Fees.
Sec. 555.         Payment of expenses
Sec. 556.         Taxes due
Secs. 557--600.  Reserved

Article VI. Zoning and Planning
Sec. 601.         Building regulations and zoning
Sec. 602.         Purposes of act
Sec. 603.         Planning board; members terms; regional planning board; vacancies
Sec. 604.         Board employees; state agencies to aid
Sec. 605.         Zoning plans; public hearing on tentative plan
Sec. 606.         Ordinance; publication of regulations
Sec. 607.         Public hearing before ordinance passed
Sec. 608.         Method of amending ordinance
Sec. 609.         County cooperation
Sec. 610.         Board of appeals; organization; meetings; method of appeal; hearings; powers; quorum; appeal to superior                             court; procedure; review by appellate court; supersedeas
Sec. 611.         Joint board of appeals
Sec. 612.         Violations of act--Punishment; injunction, other actions
Sec. 613.         Nonconforming uses
Sec. 614.         Funds; grants of money
Sec. 615.         Contempt before planning board or board of appeals
Sec. 616.         Intent
Secs. 617--700.  Reserved

Article VII. Miscellaneous
Sec. 701.         Registration of vehicles
Sec. 702.         Historical commission



Sec. 1-1.          Adoption of Code; name.
Sec. 1-2.          Definitions and rules of construction.
Sec. 1-3.          Incorporation of resolutions, ordinances.
Sec. 1-4.          Form of Code; repository; maintenance.
Sec. 1-5.          Catch lines of sections; history notes and references.
Sec. 1-6.          Severability of parts of Code.
Sec. 1-7.          References to titles of officers, employees, public bodies.
Sec. 1-8.          Interpretation of language.
Sec. 1-9.          Grammatical interpretation.
Sec. 1-10.        Acts by agent.
Sec. 1-11.        Causing, permitting, abetting or concealing prohibited act.
Sec. 1-12.        Construction of provisions.
Sec. 1-13.        Effect of repeal or expiration of resolution.
Sec. 1-14.        Resolutions and ordinances not affected by Code.
Sec. 1-15.        Provisions considered continuations of existing resolutions.
Sec. 1-16.        Amendments to Code.
Sec. 1-17.        Supplementation of Code.
Sec. 1-18.        Altering Code.
Sec. 1-19.        General penalty; continuing violations; authority granted to court.
Sec. 1-20.         Liability for violations by corporations and other associations.


Article I. In General
Sec. 2-1.          Personnel rules, regulations
Secs. 2-2--2-30. Reserved

Article II. Board of Commissioners
Sec. 2-31         Rules of procedure
Sec. 2-32         Regular Meeting Calendar and Special Called Meetings
Sec. 2-33         Code of Conduct
Sec. 2-34         Rules Governing Public Participation
Secs. 2-35--2-50. Reserved

Article III. Grant Management
Sec. 2-51.        Purpose
Sec. 2-52.        Applicability
Sec. 2-53.        Grant application
Sec. 2-54.        Grant contract/requirements for approval
Sec. 2-55.        Compliance with grant requirements
Sec. 2-56.        Responsibility for maintenance of file and public disclosure
Sec. 2-57.        Grant revenues
Sec. 2-58.        Grant signature authorization form
Secs. 2-59--2-69. Reserved

Article IV.  Records Retention Schedules for Local Government
Sec. 2-70         Records Retention Schedules for Local Government.
Secs. 2-71—2-81 Reserved.

Article V. Records Management
Sec. 2-82         Adoption of the Georgia Records Act
Sec. 2-84         Definitions
Sec. 2-86         Records Management Plan
Sec. 2-88         Severability
Sec. 2-88         Effective Date


Article 1:  Addressing & Street Naming

Sec. 3-1. – Purpose of article
Sec. 3-2. – Scope of article
Sec. 3-3. – Addressing Council
Sec. 3-4. – Role of the Addressing Coordinator
Sec. 3 -5. – Addressing format
Sec. 3 -6. – Violations and penalties



Article I.   In General
Sec. 6-1           Short title
Sec. 6-2           Adoption of the Georgia Alcoholic Beverage Code
Sec. 6-3           Definitions
Sec. 6-4           Sale of alcoholic beverages within the unincorporated areas
Sec. 6-5           Limitation of number of licenses issued
Sec. 6-6           Sale of alcoholic beverages near churches, school buildings, or other sites
Sec. 6-7           Leased Premises
Sec. 6-8           Retail sales of alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises: physical requirements of the premises
Sec. 6-9           Retail sales of alcoholic beverages not for consumption on the premises
Sec. 6-10         Hours of sale
Sec. 6-11         Furnishing to, purchase of, or possession by persons under 21 years of age
Sec. 6-12         Use of tags or labels to indicate prices
Sec. 6-13         Outdoor advertising
Sec. 6-14         Retailer shall purchase from a licensed wholesaler only
Sec. 6-15         Compliance with rules, regulations required
Sec. 6-16         Penalty
Sec. 6-17         Severability should any portion of ordinance be held invalid

Article II.    License
Sec. 6-18         Definitions
Sec. 6-19         Required
Sec. 6-20         Application for license; application for license renewal; wholesale dealer application
Sec. 6-21         Hotel In-Room Service License
Sec. 6-22         Consumption on premises and package license
Sec. 6-23         License fees enumerated
Sec. 6-24         Processing the Application; Public hearing; Advertisement and Method of  Granting Licenses
Sec. 6-25         Consideration of granting a license
Sec. 6-26         Refund
Sec. 6-27         Persons prohibited from holding a license
Sec. 6-28         Display of license
Sec. 6-29         Term of license, expiration, renewal
Sec. 6-30         Transferability
Sec. 6-31         Denial, Suspension, or Revocation of a License
Sec. 6-32         Hearing on denial, suspension, revocation or refusal to renew license
Sec. 6-33         Automatic forfeiture of license

Article III.  Excise Tax
Sec. 6-34         Definitions
Sec.  6-35        Excise Tax on Wholesale Alcoholic Beverages
Sec. 6-36         Excise Tax on Distilled Spirits by the Drink
Sec. 6-37         Excise Tax on Malt Beverages
Sec. 6-38         Per Liter Tax on Wine
Sec. 6-39         Rules and Regulations



Sec. 10-1         Legislative Authorization
Sec. 10-2         Area of Enforcement
Sec. 10.3         Intent
Sec. 10-4         General Prohibition

Article I. In General
Sec. 10-5         Definitions 
Sec. 10-6         Permitting and Fees
Sec. 10-7         Inspection of Premises
Sec. 10-8         Limitations on Operation of Business
Sec. 10-9         Safety and Security Requirements
Sec. 10-10       Zoning
Sec. 10-11       Violations
Sec. 10-12       Severability



Article I. In General
Sec. 14-1.        Definitions
Sec. 14-2.        Enforcement of chapter
Sec. 14-3.        Animal control officer
Sec. 14-4.        Interference with the animal control officer
Sec. 14-5.        Violations of chapter
Sec. 14-6.        Penalty
Sec. 14-7.        Animals constituting a nuisance--Determination
Sec. 14-8.        Same--Impoundment authorized
Sec. 14-9.        Vicious animals and guard dogs
Sec. 14-10.      General care and feeding
Sec. 14-11.      Female animals in heat
Sec. 14-12.      Livestock
Sec. 14-13.      Dangerous Dog Control Law
Sec. 14-14.      Hunting dogs
Sec. 14-15.      Sterilization of adopted dogs and cats
Sec. 14-16.      Tethering of outside dogs
--Secs. 14-17--14-50. Reserved

Article II. Rabies Control
Sec. 14-51.      Vaccination of animals
Sec. 14-52.      Certificate of vaccination
Sec. 14-53.      Vaccination tags
Sec. 14-54.      Public clinics
Sec. 14-55.      Quarantine
Sec. 14-56.      Examination of heads
Secs. 14-57--14-80. Reserved

Article III. Cruelty Provisions
Sec. 14-81.      Abandonment
Sec. 14-82.      Cruelty generally
Sec. 14-83.      Defense against vicious animals
Sec. 14-84.      Poison
Sec. 14-85.      Shelter
Sec. 14-86.      Diseased, crippled animals
Sec. 14-87.      Protective custody
Sec. 14-88.      Duty of vehicle operator
Secs. 14-89--14-120. Reserved

Article IV. Impoundment
Sec. 14-121.    Authorization
Sec. 14-122.    Animals running at large
Sec. 14-123.    Confinement of animals at large
Sec. 14-124.    Pursuit of animals
Sec. 14-125.    Notice to owner if known
Sec. 14-126.    Tranquilization
Sec. 14-127.    Biting animals
Sec. 14-128.    Confinement area
Sec. 14-129.    Report of bites
Sec. 14-130.    Period of impoundment for dogs and cats
Sec. 14-131.    Fees and charges
Sec. 14-132.    Deadline for payment of license taxes and fees after impoundment; adoption or euthanasia
Sec. 14-133.    Redemption


​Article I. In General
Sec. 22-1. Definitions
Secs. 22-2--22-35. Reserved

Article II. Emergency Management
Sec. 22-36.   

Emergency management policy

Sec. 22-37.      Definitions

Sec. 22-38.      Enforcement

Sec. 22-39.      Organization

Sec. 22-40.      Emergency powers

Sec. 22-41.      Regulations

Sec. 22-42.      Penalty

Secs. 22-43--22-60. Reserved

Article III. State of Emergency

Division 1. Generally

Sec. 22-61.      Definitions

Sec. 22-62.      Overcharging prohibited

Sec. 22-63.      Unlawful acts during emergencies

Secs. 22-64--22-80. Reserved

Division 2. Suspension of Ordinances, Formalities

Sec. 22-81.      Definitions

Sec. 22-82.      Meetings

Sec. 22-83.      Purchasing and public works contracts.

Sec. 22-84.      Code enforcement

Sec. 22-85.      Fees

Sec. 22-86.      Temporary dwellings

Secs. 22-87--22-100. Reserved

Division 3. Registration of Building Contractors

Sec. 22-101.    Required

Sec. 22-102.    Penalties

Sec. 22-103.    Application

Sec. 22-104.    Fees

Sec. 22-105.    Transferability

Sec. 22-106.    Display of registration certification

Sec. 22-107.    Revocation, suspension

Secs. 22-108--22-120. Reserved

Division 4. Curfew During Emergency or Disaster

Sec. 22-121.    Definitions

Sec. 22-122.    Institution

Sec. 22-123.    Prohibition




Article I. In General

Secs. 26-1--26-30. Reserved.


Article II. Wrecker Services
Division 1. Generally
Sec. 26-31.      Definitions
Sec. 26-32.      Unlawful conduct
Sec. 26-33.      Records
Sec. 26-34.      Regulations
Secs. 26-35--26-55. Reserved

Division 2. Registration
Sec. 26-56.      Required; information
Sec. 26-57.      Registration fee; expiration and renewal dates of registration; rate charge
Sec. 26-58.      Required information to be printed on side of vehicle
Sec. 26-59.      Revocation of registration
Secs. 26-60--26-80. Reserved

Division 3. Rotational Call List
Sec. 26-81.      Procedures
Sec. 26-82.      Qualifications
Sec. 26-83.      Removal from rotational call list


Sec. 27-1         Fire Rescue Department
Sec. 27-2         Adoption of State Minimum Fire Safety Standards
Sec 27-3          International Fire Code
Sec 27-4          Construction of Codes
Sec 27-5          Enforcement of Article
Sec 27-6          Penalties for Violation of Article
Sec 27-7          Establishment and Duties of the Office of the Fire Marshal
Sec 27-8          Inspections
Sec 27-9          Modifications
Sec 27-10        Variances
Sec 27-11        Appeals
Sec 27-12        Permits
Sec 27-13        New Materials, Processes or Occupancies which May Require Permits
Sec 27-14        Submission of Plans and Specifications Required
Sec 27-15        Revision of Plans
Sec 27-16        Temporary Occupancy
Sec 27-17        Collection of Fees and Issuance of Permits and Approvals
Sec 27-18        Governmental and Religious Organization Facilities Exemptions

Sec. 27-19       Automatic Fire Suppression System Required RESERVED
Sec 27-20        Fire Hydrant and Water System Requirements
Sec 27-21        Building Numbering and Identification for Emergency Response
Sec 27-22        Marking of Utilities
Sec 27-23        Authority at Emergency Incidents
Sec 27-24        Certain Acts Interfering with Firefighting Activities
Sec 27-25        Crossing Fire Hose Prohibited
Sec 27-26        Obstructing a Fire Station
Sec 27-27        False Alarms
Sec 27-28        Response to Malfunctioning Fire Alarms
Sec 27-29        Designated Fire Lanes
Sec 27-30        Reporting of Fires
Sec 27-31        KNOX-BOX® Rapid Entry System
Sec 27-31        Authority to enact a Burn Ban
Sec 27-32       Structure and Non Structure Fires 
Sec 27-33       Hazardous Material Incident Response 
Sec 27-34       Emergency Medical Services Response 



Article I. In General
Secs. 38-1--38-30. Reserved

Article II. State Rules, Regulations
Sec. 38-31.      Definitions
Sec. 38-32.      Adopted
Sec. 38-33.      Issuance of citation
Sec. 38-34.      Penalty for violation
Secs. 38-35--38-65. Reserved

Article III. Tattooing Establishments
Sec. 38-66.      Definitions
Sec. 38-67.      Permit requirements
Sec. 38-68.      Inspections
Sec. 38-69.      Records required.
Sec. 38-70.      Removal of tattoo
Sec. 38-71.      Health standards for the operation and maintenance of tattoo establishments
Sec. 38-72.      Right of entry
Sec. 38-73.      Enforcement by private citizens
Sec. 38-74.      Right to appeal
Sec. 38-75.      Penalties
Sec. 38-76.      Application required



Article I. In General
Sec. 42-1.        Disorderly conduct
Secs. 42-2--42-30. Reserved

Article II. Smoking in Public Buildings
Sec. 42-31.      Posting
Sec. 42-32.      Enforcement
Sec. 42-33.      Penalty



Article I. In General
Secs. 46-1--46-30. Reserved

Article II. Public Road Right-of-Way
Sec. 46-31.      Authority and enactment.
Sec. 46-32.      Jurisdiction and application.
Sec. 46-33.      Definitions.
Sec. 46-34.      Permit.
Sec. 46-35.      Bond, insurance.
Sec. 46-36.      Standards.
Sec. 46-37.      Traffic controls.
Sec. 46-38.      Penalties.



Article I. In General
Sec. 50-1.        Purpose
Sec. 50-2.        Deposit, collection fee imposed
Sec. 50-3.        Billing
Sec. 50-4.        Delinquent accounts
Sec. 50-5.        Burning prohibited
Sec. 50-6.        Businesses prohibited from using residential containers
Sec. 50-7.        Establishment of collection procedures
Sec. 50-8.        Exemptions
Sec. 50-9.        Nuisances designated
Sec. 50-10.      Prohibitions, violations and penalties
Sec. 50-11.      Responsible enforcing agency, violations and penalties
Secs. 50-12--50-30. Reserved

Article II. Solid Waste User Fees
Sec. 50-31.      Authorized
Sec. 50-32.      Collection and disposal fee imposed
Sec. 50-33.      Tipping fee
Sec. 50-34.      Amount of fees
Sec. 50-35.      Use of revenue
Sec. 50-36.      Exemptions
Sec. 50-37.      Prohibitions; violations
Secs. 50-38--50-70. Reserved

Article III. Litter Control
Sec. 50-71.      Definitions
Sec. 50-72.      Penalty for violation
Sec. 50-73.      Dumping or depositing of litter
Sec. 50-74.      Prima facie evidence; rebuttable presumption
Sec. 50-75.      Duties of business owners, occupants
Sec. 50-76.      Duty of customers



Article I. In General
Secs. 54-1--54-30. Reserved

Article II. Occupation Tax
Sec. 54-31.      Required
Sec. 54-32.      Definitions
Sec. 54-33.      Administrative and regulatory fee structure; occupation tax structure
Sec. 54-34.      Occupation tax levied; restrictions
Sec. 54-35.      Paying occupation tax of business with no location in the state
Sec. 54-36.      Each line of business to be identified on business registration
Sec. 54-37.      The number of businesses considered to be operating in the county
Sec. 54-38.      Professionals as classified in state law
Sec. 54-39.      Practitioners exclusively practicing for government
Sec. 54-40.      Purpose and scope of tax
Sec. 54-41.      When tax due and payable; effect of transacting business when tax delinquent
Sec. 54-42.      Exemption on grounds that business is operated for charitable purposes
Sec. 54-43.      Evidence of state registration required if applicable; state registration to be displayed
Sec. 54-44.      Evidence of qualification required if applicable
Sec. 54-45.      Liability of officers and agents; registration required; failure to obtain
Sec. 54-46.      Penalty
Sec. 54-47.      County subpoena and arrest powers
Sec. 54-48.      Businesses not covered by this article
Sec. 54-49.      Occupation tax inapplicable where prohibited by law or provided for pursuant to other existing law
Sec. 54-50.      More than one place or line of business
Sec. 54-51.      Amendment, repeal of article
Sec. 54-52.      Applications of article to prior ordinance
Sec. 54-53.      Provisions to remain in full force and effect until changed by board
Sec. 54-54.      Requirement of public hearing before tax increase
Sec. 54-55.      Option to establish exemption or reduction in occupation tax
Sec. 54-56.      Conflicts between specific and general provisions
Secs. 54-57--54-90. Reserved

Article III. Insurers
Sec. 54-91.      Definitions
Sec. 54-92.      Life insurers' license fees
Sec. 54-93.      License fee for life insurers insuring certain risks at additional business location
Sec. 54-94.      Life insurance agency license fees; independent life insurance agencies, brokers not otherwise licensed
Sec. 54-95.      Gross premiums tax--Life insurers
Sec. 54-96.      Same--All other insurers
Sec. 54-97.      Due date for license fees
Sec. 54-98.      License fees, all insurers doing business in the city
Secs. 54-99--54-125. Reserved

Article IV. Financial Institutions
Sec. 54-126.    Business license tax
Sec. 54-127.    Filing of return
Sec. 54-128.    Due date

ARTICLE V. Timber Harvesting
Sec. 54-1 Title
Sec. 54-2 Preamble
Sec. 54-3 Notice required prior to cutting any timber
Sec. 54-4 Prior notice requirements 



Sec. 58-1.        Adoption of uniform rules of the road
Sec. 58-2.        Temporary traffic regulations
Sec. 58-3.        Traffic zones; signs and traffic control devices
Sec. 58-4.        Covering of loads
Sec. 58-5.        Parking in deceleration or acceleration lanes prohibited



Article I. In General
Sec. 62-1.        Purpose
Sec. 62-2         Application for water and sewer service
Sec. 62-3.        County's responsibility and liability
Sec. 62-4.        Consumer's responsibility and liability
Sec. 62-5.        Access to premises and extensions of system
Sec. 62-6.        Change of occupancy
Sec. 62-7.        Meter reading; billings; collections
Sec. 62-8         Suspension of service
Sec. 62-9.        Transfers
Sec. 62-10.      Complaints, adjustments
Sec. 62-11.      Time limitation for connections
Sec. 62-12.      Backflow prevention
Sec. 62-13.      Deposit required for developers and builders
Sec. 62-14.      Separate water and sewer connections required
Secs. 62-15--62-30. Reserved

Article II. Protection of Components, Appurtenances
Sec. 62-31.      Certain acts prohibited
Sec. 62-32.      Persons prohibited
Sec. 62-33.      Penalty
Secs. 62-34--62-50. Reserved

Article III. Water and Wastewater Standards
Division 1. In General
Sec. 62-51.      Water and Wastewater Standards--Adopted by Reference
Sec. 62-52--62-60. Reserved

Division 2. Backflow Prevention.
Sec. 62-61.      Short title and objectives
Sec. 62-62.      Definitions
Sec. 62-63.      Elimination of cross-connections
Sec. 62-64.      Installation, testing and maintenance of back flow prevention assemblies
Sec. 62-65.      High hazard facilities and methods of correction
Sec. 62-66.      Moderate hazard facilities and methods of correction
Sec. 62-67.      Lawn irrigation systems
Sec. 62-68.      Fire sprinkler systems
Sec. 62-69.      Imminent hazards
Sec. 62-70.      Right of entry
Sec. 62-71.      Responsibility of customer
Sec. 62-72.      Unapproved source of supply
Sec. 62-73.      Violations
Sec. 62-74.      Right of appeal

Article IV. Rate Schedules
Sec. 62-75.      Water and sewer system capital recovery fees.
Sec. 62-76.      Special capital recovery fee.
Sec. 62-77.      Existing and new users.
Sec. 62-78.      Water and sewer availability.
Sec. 62-79.      Review by county commission.

Article V. Sewer Use
Division 1. Generally
Sec. 62-80.      Definitions
Sec. 62-81.      Discharges to natural outlet
Sec. 62-82.      Privies, septic tanks, etc., prohibited generally
Sec. 62-83.      Toilet facilities-connection to sewer required when available
Sec. 62-84.      Use of private disposal system where county sewer is not available
Secs. 62-85--62-100. Reserved

Division 2. Private Disposal Systems
Sec. 62-101.    Permit required; application
Sec. 62-102.    Inspection, approval prior to permit becoming effective
Sec. 62-103.    Specifications
Sec. 62-104.    Abandonment upon connection to public sewer
Sec. 62-105.    Operation, maintenance
Sec. 62-106.    Additional requirements imposed by state
Secs. 62-107--60-125. Reserved

Division 3. Sewer Construction
Sec. 62-126.    Permit required
Sec. 62-127.    Costs, expenses borne by owner; indemnification of county
Sec. 62-128.    Separate sewer required for each building; exception
Sec. 62-129.    Use of old sewers in new buildings
Sec. 62-130.    Specifications
Sec. 62-131.    Connection of roof downspouts, drains, etc
Sec. 62-132.    Connection to public sewer
Sec. 62-133.    Inspection, supervision of connection and testing
Sec. 62-134.    Excavations; safety precautions, restoration
Secs. 62-135--62-155. Reserved

Division 4. Use Regulations
Sec. 62-156.    Discharge of storm water, runoff, etc., to sanitary sewer
Sec. 62-157.    Discharges to storm sewers, natural outlets
Sec. 62-158.    Prohibited discharges
Sec. 62-159.    Restricted substances
Sec. 62-160.    Authority of county to reject wastes, require pretreatment, etc
Sec. 62-161.    Interceptors
Sec. 62-162.    Maintenance of treatment or flow-equalizing facilities
Sec. 62-163.    Required structures, appurtenances to be provided
Sec. 62-164.    Authority to require information from user
Sec. 62-165.    Measurements, tests, analyses
Sec. 62-166.    Special agreements
Sec. 62-167.    Damaging, tampering with facilities.
Sec. 62-168.    Right of entry.
Sec. 62-169.    Withholding of confidential information.
Sec. 62-170.    Easements



Article I. In General
Secs. 66-1--66-30. Reserved

Article II. Taxicabs
Division 1. Generally
Sec. 66-31.      Presumption of operation
Sec. 66-32.      Identification and marking of vehicles
Sec. 66-33.      Certificate of vehicle inspection required
Sec. 66-34.      Sale, trade or exchange of vehicle
Sec. 66-35.      Drivers--Minimum age
Sec. 66-36.      Same--Effect of felony conviction
Sec. 66-37.      Same--Driving under influence of intoxicating liquor
Sec. 66-38.      Transporting alcoholic beverages
Sec. 66-39.      Number of passengers
Sec. 66-40.      Receiving and discharging passengers
Secs. 66-41--66-60. Reserved

Division 2. Occupational License
Sec. 66-61.      Required for drivers
Sec. 66-62.      Required to engage in taxicab business
Sec. 66-63.      Application--Manner and form
Sec. 66-64.      Same--Statement to accompany
Sec. 66-65.      Same--Approval
Sec. 66-66.      Personal appearance of applicant
Sec. 66-67.      Action by on application; issuance and denial; fees
Sec. 66-68.      Action to be taken on application at regular or special meeting
Sec. 66-69.      Subject to county ordinances regulating such business
Sec. 66-70.      Suspension or revocation authorized for good cause
Sec. 66-71.      Revocation--For violation of article
Sec. 66-72.      Same--For failure to provide service
Secs. 66-73--66-95. Reserved

Division 3. Insurance
Sec. 66-96.      Compliance required
Sec. 66-97.      Coverage required
Sec. 66-98.      Approval
Sec. 66-99.      Deposit of policies
Sec. 66-100.    Notice of cancellation required
Sec. 66-101.    Violation of division; revocation or cancellation of license



Sec. 70-1.        Scope
Sec. 70-2.        Definitions
Sec. 70-3.        Method of operation
Sec. 70-4.        No wake zone
Sec. 70-5.        Restricted use of public waters
Sec. 70-6.        No wake zones specified
Sec. 70-7.        Additional no wake zones
Sec. 70-8.        Penalty